Autumn Hop Harvest Ale: Fall For It

This wet hopped American pale ale from Amsterdam Brewing Company Limited in Toronto, Ontario is a hazy golden colour with orange tinges and has a medium-sized, loose white head that gets retained as a thin cap and leaves small streaks of lace on your glass. Autumn Hop Harvest Ale has a peppery smell, with strong notes of citrus zest and pine set against a toasted grain backing.

Autumn Hop Harvest Ale
This American Pale Ale Has a Peppery Bite

The taste of Autumn Hop Harvest Ale also has a peppery overtone. Roasted, chocolaty grains anchor lemon, mango and pine flavours. This ale has a fairly thin mouthfeel, is grainy on the tongue and quite viscose throughout. The finish is crisp and moderately bitter, with lemon oil and orange pekoe tea flavours in the aftertaste.

Autumn Hop Harvest Ale utilizes a wordmark and hop imagery on its label that is printed in orange, green, light beige and burgundy. The back of the bottle has a description of the beer and wet hop process and suggests to consume the product as fresh as possible to ensure optimal taste and aroma. As such, there is no freshness dating to be found.

Autumn Hop Harvest Ale is an earthy, zesty and thoroughly quaffable fall seasonal that captures the essence of a farmhouse in September. This is a very versatile beer for food pairing and goes well with spicy beef, garlic-based dishes, potatoes and cured meats to name a few options.

You can find Autumn Hop Harvest Ale listed at over 100 LCBO stores in 2013, mainly in southern and eastern Ontario and on tap at select licensees including Corner Bar and Grill here in Ottawa. I for one hope it returns annually; this is my kind of ale.

Type: American Pale Ale
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Toronto
Brewery: Amsterdam Brewing Company Limited
Format Purchased: 500 mL
Price: $4.75
Alcohol Content: 5.6%

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