Melville’s Ginger Beer: Kickin’ Back

Melville’s Ginger Beer from The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company Limited in Edinburgh, Scotland is golden amber in colour with a small off-white head that hangs on as a thin collar and cap while leaving small spots of lace. This lager infused with stem ginger has an unmistakably spicy smell, backed by aromas of toasted grain, honey and mineral water, as well as a light perfume note.

This Beer Goes Well with Barbecue
This Beer Goes Well with Barbecue

The taste of Melville’s Ginger Beer strikes a nice balance between sweet and spicy, though it edges slightly to the sweet side. There is ample ginger flavour, but little in the way of a bite at first. This beer is relatively thin-bodied and moderately carbonated, but does have a smooth oiliness on the tongue and throat. There is a soft and biscuity malt tone throughout, with the spicy, peppery kick really taking hold in the finish and aftertaste.

The packaging of Melville’s Ginger Beer is mustard yellow with a white oval logo that employs early 20th century fonts and design printed in black and gold. The back label has a brief description of the beer, a declaration that they never use juice from concentrate and a suggestion to serve this brew cold or over ice. A best before date is clearly stamped in white on the shoulder of each bottle.

A very nice, refreshing and approachable example of the style, Melville’s Ginger Beer is perfect for a pleasant weekend afternoon on the deck or golf course. It goes well with charcuterie, crackers, barbecue and jerk style sauces, sandwiches and salads.

Melville’s Ginger Beer is available in four packs at over 100 LCBO stores in Ontario and it is also distributed to other parts of Canada and continental Europe.

Type: Ginger Beer
Country: Scotland
Region: Edinburough
Brewery: The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company
Format Purchased: 4 x 275 mL
Price: $9.95
Alcohol Content: 4.1%

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