Obsidian Imperial Porter (Rum Barrel Aged): Heart of Glass

This strong ale, aged in Caribbean rum barrels for seven months by Cameron’s Brewing Company in Oakville, Ontario is opaque black with a small beige head that is retained as a frothy collar and leaves small streaks of lace. Obsidian Imperial Porter (Rum Barrel Aged) has an unmistakable and sharp rum tone that stands out in front of chocolate, coffee, dark fruit and berry aromas as well as notes of wood, pine and roasted grains.

Obsidian Imperial Porter (Rum Barrel Aged)
This Beer is Nearly as Black as Its Namesake

The taste of Obsidian Imperial Porter (Rum Barrel Aged) is similar to its robust smell. Dark Chocolate and coffee flavours are accented by red berry and wood notes. This brew is full-bodied, viscose and grainy with a small spark of carbonation and a mild creaminess. It has quite a bitter kick and a very dry finish, with rum and lemon rind permeating the aftertaste.

Obsidian Imperial Porter (Rum Barrel Aged) gets its name from volcanic glass and was inspired by strong and dark beers that were historically popular in warmer climates. The beer is housed in a foil-topped bomber that has the image of a volcano spewing lava on a black label and a bold wordmark that wouldn’t look out of place on a heavy metal album cover surrounded by the brewery’s familiar diamond-shaped logo printed in gold. There is a brief description of the beer, serving suggestions and a bottling date found on the label as well.

The rum and fruit characteristics are nice and definitely enliven the beer somewhat, though I can’t help but feel that Obsidian Imperial Porter (Rum Barrel Aged) would have been a better fit for a fall or winter release despite appreciating the idea behind it. This is a big, rich and hearty brew that would do well with grilled or roasted beef, stews, dark breads and it made me crave aged cheddar.

At the time of publication, Obsidian Imperial Porter (Rum Barrel Aged) was in stock at over 150 LCBO stores and available at the brewery. I’d suggest picking a bottle or two up now to save for a chilly late summer or early fall evening, whether this year or a couple down the road.

Please Note: Cameron’s Brewing Company provided me with samples of Obsidian Imperial Porter (Rum Barrel Aged) for evaluation. I also have four bottles that I purchased aging in my makeshift cellar.

Type: American Porter
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Oakville
Brewery: Cameron’s Brewing Company
Format Purchased: 650 mL
Price: $10.95
Alcohol Content: 9.2%

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