Rickard’s Shandy: When Life Gives You Lemon Extract

Rickard’s Shandy from Molson Coors Canada pours a pale, cloudy straw colour with a loose white head that burns off quickly, leaves no lace and has minimal retention. This hybrid of lemonade and lager smells like freshly sliced lemon, lime juice and has a very light, grainy malt tone.

Rickard's Shandy
This Could Have Turned Out Worse

The taste of Rickard’s Shandy strikes a fine balance between tart lemon and sweet toasted malt flavours. There are notes of earth and lime as well. This beer has a very thin body and moderate carbonation. The mouthfeel has a syrupy quality, but the finish is tart and leaves my mouth feeling dry, with a mild and somewhat dirty lemon rind flavour in the aftertaste.

I purchased Rickard’s Shandy in cans that are primarily electric blue in colour with and old time style wordmark and the image of a delivery truck hauling a giant lemon underneath the familiar red Rickard’s logo. You will find a description of the beer and pouring instructions on the back, along with a list of ingredients that includes cane sugar and lemon extract. Coded freshness dating is stamped on the bottom.

Rickard’s Shandy is surprisingly well-balanced between sweet and tart. It would have been easy to oversweeten the product and make an alcoholic soda Like Mike’s Hard Lemonade or Sucking Lemons. I would like a touch more actual lager taste in there however, because it’s basically “Coors Light Lemon”, with the lemonade flavour masking most of the inherent flaws found in a sub-par American adjunct lager. It really does smell quite nice though.

Rickard’s Shandy would be best enjoyed on a hot day while sitting on a dock, patio, or at a baseball game. This beer pairs well with leafy salads, charcuterie, nuts, pretzel and Polish sausage. You can currently find it in bottles and cans at The Beer Store and cans at LCBO outlets here in Ontario and it is brewed and distributed nationally as well.

Type: American Adjunct Lager / Fruit Beer
Country: Canada
Region: –
Brewery: Molson Coors Canada
Format Purchased: 473 mL
Price: $2.35
Alcohol Content: 4.5%

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