Molson Canadian Wheat: Wheat Were They Thinking?

Molson Canadian Wheat from Molson Coors Canada is a hazy pencil yellow colour with golden tinges and a large, frothy white head that leaves hefty amounts of lace and settles as a thick cap. This wheat-infused American adjunct lager smells of sweet grain malts, corn, burnt wheat, green grape and has very slight orange peel, floral and clove notes.

Molson Canadian Wheat
Leaf Me Out Of This

The taste of Molson Canadian Wheat is rather sweet and malt heavy. Burnt wheat, corn, earth, orange rind flavours lead to a dirty tasting finish with floral and metallic notes that poke through in the aftertaste. This beer is thin bodied and somewhat watery with a mild carbonation. There isn’t much life on the tongue, but what’s there is mainly syrupy and grainy.

The packaging of Molson Canadian Wheat is tan coloured with wheat imagery in brown below the wordmark and the familiar red leaf logo above. You will find a brief description of the beer and bottle specific pouring instructions on the back, along with coded freshness dating.

I’m not sure what I was supposed to be drinking in Molson Canadian Wheat. Adding wheat to a watered down, corn-based adjunct lager sounds like a bad idea on paper and in practice it most certainly is. Sometimes I wonder who beers like this are targeted towards or how they make it to market at all.

An average Rickard’s or Keith’s White, Hoegaarden or even Shock Top drinker probably won’t like it and based on my own sampling of Molson Canadian drinkers, they will just think it tastes funny.

In case you’re curious, you can find Molson Canadian Wheat in bottles and cans at The Beer Store, while the LCBO stocks cans exclusively. It is also distributed nationally. The only pairing I can recommend is a glass of water to rinse your mouth with.

Type: American Adjunct Lager
Country: Canada
Region: –
Brewery: Molson Coors Canada
Format Purchased: 4.35 mL
Price: $2.35
Alcohol Content: 4.5%

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