Denison’s Weissbier: Weiss Up Sucker

This hefeweizen from Denison’s Brewing Company in Toronto, Ontario pours a hazy, slightly rusty yellow colour with a very frothy white head that leaves thick rings of lace and settles as a long-lasting pencil thick cap. Denison’s Weissbier has a classic blend of aromas including lightly toasted wheat, yeast, cloves and bubblegum with accents of lemon peel and clove.

Denison's Weissbier
Your Deck is Calling.

The taste of Denison’s Weissbier is very easygoing. Wheat, banana, yeast and bubblegum flavours lead to a tart, lemony and slightly earthy finish. Though the ale has a thin body and mild carbonation, yeast sparks on the tongue and the mouthfeel is rather creamy. The aftertaste carries a mild yeast flavour.

The can that houses Denison’s Weissbier is primarily two tones of blue with gold accents. The white wordmark is below the brewery logo and printed on top of a large W, while the bottom is reminiscent of a checkered flag. You will find a list of ingredients and a statement from founding brewmaster Michael Hancock on the side and easily decoded freshness dating towards the top of the can.

Nothing about Denison’s Weissbier really stands out, and that is probably why I like it so much. This is a very well-executed and refreshing hefeweizen that tastes as authentic as examples from lauded German breweries such as Erdinger, Ayinger and Weihenstephan.

I’m not normally much of a fan of the style, but I will certainly be keeping a supply of this beer on hand throughout the late spring and summer months. It pairs well with both sharp and creamy cheeses, salads, bratwurst and charcuterie.

Denison’s Weissbier has been brewed since 1990 and can now be found on tap at finer licensees and listed at over 100 LCBO stores.

Type: Hefeweizen
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Toronto
Brewery: Denison’s Brewing Company
Format Purchased: 473 mL
Price: $2.70
Alcohol Content: 5.3%

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