Cameron’s Rye Pale Ale: Mashing in the Rye

This American IPA from Cameron’s Brewing Company in Oakville, Ontario pours a hazy, rusty amber colour with a frothy tan head that leaves large streaks of lace and settles as a medium-sized collar and cap. Cameron’s Rye Pale Ale (RPA) has a Thick and grainy rye smell with a sharp, lemony citrus tone and accents of toffee, rain soaked flowers, berries, pepper and alcohol.

Cameron's Rye Pale Ale
This GTA Favourite Now has Wide Distribution

There is plenty of rye character to be found in the earthy and grainy taste of Cameron’s RPA. Grapefruit juice and lemon rind flavours contribute to a moderate bitterness that is countered by just enough sweetness from a hearty malt bill. Mild hints of yeast, biscuit and chocolate are also found. This ale is medium-bodied with low carbonation and a thin oiliness. The finish has a bitter bite to it with a strong, warming alcohol note and lingering rye flavour in the aftertaste.

The bomber that Cameron’s RPA is packaged in has a yellow label with the logo and wordmark printed in bronze and gold. There is a brief description of the beer on the side of the label and a coded bottling date stamped in black.

Cameron’s RPA is a big tasting, yet balanced ale with a lot of rye and citrus flavour and is easily my favorite of the brewery’s regularly-produced offerings. I’ve enjoyed it with spicy sausages, hamburgers and chicken soup and will be sure to try it with creamy cheeses, charcuterie and, of course, fresh rye bread.

You can find Cameron’s RPA listed at over 200 LCBO stores, on tap at select licensees or you can stop by the brewery’s retail store on Ivicta Drive in Oakville Monday through Saturday.

Please Note: Cameron’s Brewing Company provided me with samples of Cameron’s Rye Pale Ale (RPA) for review, though I have also purchased more than half a dozen bottles on my own as well.

Type: American IPA
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Oakville
Brewery: Cameron’s Brewing Company
Format Purchased: 650 mL
Price: $6.95
Alcohol Content: 6.6%

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