Bud Light Platinum: The Rusty Knuckle

Bud Light Platinum from Labatt Brewing Company (Anheuser-Busch InBev) pours a clear, light straw yellow with a foamy white head that burns off within a few seconds, leaving a small collar and thin film behind. This American adjunct lager smells like corn syrup and grasses, with a sharp metallic note and a very mild floral one as well as a whiff of alcohol.

Bud Light Platinum
I Can Think of Two Things Wrong with the Name of This Beer

The taste of Bud Light Platinum is very, very sweet with frozen corn and apple juice flavours. There is a perfume character behind that, but any subtleties are drowned by the sweetness. The beer is syrupy for a moment on the tongue, but is thoroughly watery from start to finish. There is a mildly bitter metallic note in the aftertaste, but the corn taste lingers beyond that and is somewhat cloying.

Bud Light Platinum is packaged in aluminium bottles that are printed in various shades of blue and feature a rather ingenious logo that resembles a strip of the eponymous precious metal. The branding is rather ironic in that this is neither a light beer, nor one worthy of such a lofty moniker.

Bud Light Platinum is a cheap, watery malt liquor masquerading as a premium product. It smells awful and tastes even worse. If you’re just looking to wash down some bad wings or crush a few brews during a hockey game, there are countless less expensive and offensive products readily available at The Beer Store, LCBO outlets and probably even at your local sports bar.

Type: American Adjunct Lager
Country: Canada
Region: –
Brewery: Labatt Brewing Company (Anheuser-Busch InBev)
Format Purchased: 6 x 355 mL
Price: $13.65
Alcohol Content: 6.0%

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