Wellington Imperial Russian Stout: Best Out of Season

This Russian imperial stout from Wellington County Brewery Incorporated in Guelph, Ontario pours an oil-like, opaque black with a large and frothy, light beige coloured head that burns off quickly, leaving little lace and a thin cap behind. Wellington Imperial Russian Stout has aromas of chocolate syrup, roasted grains, red berries, prunes and coffee.

Wellington Imperial Russian Stout
Though the Style is Most Common in Winter, This RIS is Available Year-Round

The taste of Wellington Imperial Russian Stout is deep and rich with roasted grain flavour, accents of dark berries, chocolate and coffee and has a sharp bitterness that lingers throughout the finish. This ale is very full-bodied, grainy and earthy with a subtle tingle on the tongue. The aftertaste is quite dry with notes of prune and pepper.

The can that contains Wellington Imperial Russian Stout is a deep rusty orange colour and features the brewery’s black rubber boot logo with accents in light beige. You will find a description of the beer on the back, a slogan that reads “Canada’s Oldest Indie Micro” in a ring around the top and a best before date is clearly stamped in black. I affectionately call the cans “rusty boots”.

Wellington Imperial Russian Stout doesn’t have any real faults and though it is bested by some seasonal imperial stout offerings available in Ontario, it is likely the only RIS you will find on shelves should you have a craving in the middle of July, for which it is more than agreeable. I commend the brewery for taking a chance and adding it to their regular production cycle.

I have enjoyed Wellington Imperial Russian Stout with Steak and potatoes, dark chocolate, creamy cheeses and crackers. You can find this beer listed at select LCBO locations throughout southern and eastern Ontario, on tap at numerous watering holes and you can visit the Wellington County Brewery seven days a week.

Type: Russian Imperial Stout
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Guelph
Brewery: Wellington County Brewery Incorporated
Format Purchased: 473 mL
Price: $2.95
Alcohol Content: 8.0%

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