Kichesippi Logger: Pleases Girls (and Boys) Completely

A rarely-brewed style of American Porter that originated in Pennsylvania in the early 1900s, Kichesippi Logger from Kichesippi Beer Company in Ottawa, Ontario pours a nut brown and ruby colour with a frothy beige head that persists as a thin collar and leaves some heavy lace behind. Kichesippi Logger has a woody and nutty smell, with a solid whiff of lager yeast, dark fruit and cocoa accents and a light toastiness about it.

Kichesippi Logger
This Beer Combines the Heartiness of a Porter with the Crispness of a Lager

The taste of Kichesippi Logger really shows its lagered roots with a crisp bite. Ripe fruit, chocolate and wood flavours are present and a fairly strong bitterness is found in the finish. The mouthfeel is typically thin and yeast creates a tangy sensation on the tongue. The aftertaste is mildly syrupy with lingering fruit and chocolate notes.

Kichesippi Beer Company growlers feature the brewery’s iconic “K” logo printed in blue, white and gold, with a description of the brewery on the back. The Kichesippi Logger logo is a simple wordmark printed against a blue plaid backdrop, but Kichesippi Beer Company also had a stylized lumberjack mascot designed that I hope to see them utilize in the future if they decide to bottle this beer, which they should (edit: it turns out that they went with cans) in my opinion.

This Pennsylvania-style variation of American porter is quite unique, very sessionable and food-friendly. I’ve enjoyed Kichesippi Logger with several combinations of bread, cheese and meat in sandwiches and it’s a great companion to a meat and potatoes type of meal.

Kichesippi Logger is brewed annually as a fall seasonal and can be found on tap at several licensees in the Ottawa Valley or at the brewery on Campbell Avenue, where you can grab a growler or two to take home and enjoy at your leisure on a crisp afternoon.

(Updated December 7, 2015)

Since its release in 2012, Logger has become a staple in Kichesippi’s seasonal rotation, usually seeing an early fall release. The review photo was updated to reflect the beer’s recent availability in cans. Revisiting the beer yielded the following notes.

Look: Dark ruby when held towards light. Loose & creamy tan head retained as a small collar and leaves spplotchy lace.

Smell: Chocolate, dark toffee, pronounced raisin / stone fruit. Wet cedar or birch, green grains.

Taste: Starts sweet and quite fruity. Dark chocolate & coffee notes provide balance and mild bitterness. Woody character in finish.

Mouth: Medium body, mild carbonation. Fairly syrupy / viscose, but finishes dry.

Opinion: This porter / lager hybrid shares similarities with a bock, though its sharpness is more subdued and the taste is more chocolate-forward. Also brought to mind “Baltic porter light”.

Food: Absolutely perfect with a roast beef sandwich. Dark chocolate and creamy cheese also worked well.

Type: American Porter / Pennsylvania Porter (aka East Coast Porter)
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Ottawa
Brewery: Kichesippi Beer Company
Format Purchased: 1.89 L
Price: $14.75
Alcohol Content: 5.0%

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