Cobblestone Stout: Smooth from Brown Bricks to Tank House Lane

A signature beer of Mill Street Brewery in Toronto, Ontario and housed in the first mass-produced nitrogen charged can from a Canadian craft brewery, Cobblestone Stout is black and completely opaque, with a good inch and a half of creamy beige head (after settling a minute or so) that serves as a cap throughout the life of your glass. This English pub-style stout has a thick and dark roasted malt aroma, with a grassy tone and hints of chocolate, musty wood and coffee.

Cobblestone Stout
Cobblestone Stout Could Make a Serious Dent in Another Beer’s Sales

The taste of Cobblestone Stout has a warm smoky and woody character with a rich roasted malt body. Grain and fruit accents brighten the taste a bit before finishing with a solid dryness. The mouthfeel is thick and grainy, with a pronounced creaminess and little carbonation. Dark chocolate, malt and coffee flavours co-mingle in the aftertaste.

The can Cobblestone Stout is packaged in is printed in black and beige, evoking the beer itself. The image of a bushel of grain appears inside of a round logo. Descriptions of the beer and a list of ingredients are printed on the back and coded freshness dating is found on the bottom.

A word to the wise; it’s best to let your Cobblestone Stout cans settle in your fridge for at least a few hours before pouring to help avoid any messy accidents. Serving it cold helps the nitrogen work properly instead of exploding a geyser of beer onto your counter.

Cobblestone Stout is a textbook example of an English pub-style stout. It’s rich, satisfying, warm, creamy and mellow. The smoke and wood characteristics add a layer of heartiness without being overbearing. I hope to see the local Ottawa favourite Valley Irish Red get canned as well now that Mill Street Brewery has the technology in place.

You can find Cobblestone Stout nitrogen charged cans listed at over 200 LCBO stores or try it on tap at select locations throughout Canada, including Mill Street’s own brew pubs in Ottawa and the GTA. I’ve always enjoyed this type of stout with french fries, oysters, sardines, crackers, creamy cheeses, pot pies and shepherd’s pie.

Type: English Stout
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Toronto
Brewery: Mill Street Brewery
Format Purchased: 440 mL
Price: $2.90
Alcohol Content: 4.2%

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