Cannery Blackberry Porter: Beer for a Dessert Island

This flavoured American porter from The Cannery Brewing Company in Penticton, British Columbia is dark brown and ruby in colour and yields a thick, frothy beige head when poured that leaves some chunky lace and has great retention. Cannery Blackberry Porter has a bright and juicy fruit aroma that brings to mind not only blackberry, but cherry and raspberry as well. The backing is very dark, smelling of coffee, cocoa and roasted grain.

Cannery Blackberry Porter
This Sturdy Porter is Bursting with Fruit Aroma and Flavour

The taste of Cannery Blackberry Porter is anchored by a rich and malty blend of chocolate and toffee flavours, with blackberry not only contributing to the taste, but adding a sturdy tartness to the brew that remains throughout the finish. The porter is full-bodied with a creamy, yet grainy mouthfeel. Sweet fruit and bitter chocolate and coffee notes linger in the aftertaste.

The packaging of Cannery Blackberry Porter is predominantly two shades of purple, with the image of a cluster of blackberries front and centre. You will find a description of the beer, an ingredient list and freshness dating all printed on the label, along with contact information.

Cannery Blackberry Porter delicately balances a dark, malty and bitter base with bright and fruity flavour to create a very pleasant and smooth experience. In my experience it paired well with dark chocolate and nuts, but did best on its own as an aperitif. I think it would also make a great companion to a slice of cheesecake, which is something I’ll be sure to try.

You can find Cannery Blackberry Porter in limited supply at select LCBO stores as part of the fall 2012 beer promotion and given the brewery’s past success in Ontario, we may see more offerings in the future. The Cannery Brewing Company also regularly distributes product throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

Please Note: The Cannery Brewing Company provided me with a bottle of Cannery Blackberry Porter for evaluation, though I also purchased another myself to complete my review.

Type: American Porter / Fruit Beer
Country: Canada
Region: British Columbia, Penticton
Brewery: The Cannery Brewing Company
Format Purchased: 650 mL
Price: $5.80
Alcohol Content: 6.0%

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