Hockley Amber: Preserves Great Taste

This American Amber Ale from Hockley Valley Brewing Company in Orangeville, Ontario pours a clear amber colour with a foamy white head that leaves very little lacing and settles as a healthy collar. Hockley Amber smells of mineral water, caramel and toasted grains with an earthy backing and a smooth, plum or raisin-like note.

Hockley Amber
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Hockley Amber has a fairly heavy, slightly sweet and bread-like toasted malt flavour with hints of chocolate and plum, along with a well-balanced bitterness. The ale is full-bodied with medium carbonation and has a subtle, yeast-like tingle and pop on the tongue. The finish is dry, with caramel, earth and toasted grain notes in the aftertaste.

The can that houses Hockley Amber is beige with an amber oval-shaped logo that bills the beer as a “Canadian Amber Ale”. There is a brief description of the brewery, contact information and a suggestion to serve chilled on the side, though I failed to find any freshness dating on the half dozen cans I bought. A beer-battered fish recipe on the can serves as a nice touch.

Hockley Amber is a mellow red ale that is full of flavour, especially given its modest ABV percentage. It’s a great match with light fare like lunch meats, raw veggies and crackers, as well as grilled beef and chicken dishes.

You can find Hockley Amber listed at many LCBO stores,  and the brewery is open weekdays from 9-5. Hockley Valley Brewing Company products are also listed at MLCC stores in Manitoba, MSLC outlets in Nova Scotia and AGLC certified stores in Alberta.

Type: American Amber Ale / Red Ale
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Orangeville
Brewery: Hockley Valley Brewing Company
Format Purchased: 473 mL
Price: $2.65
Alcohol Content: 4.2%

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