Robson Street Hefeweizen: Wheat Bored

Robson Street Hefeweizen from Granville Island Brewing in Vancouver, British Columbia pours a cloudy, rusty orange colour with a medium-sized, frothy white head that burns off quickly, leaving a small collar and little to no lacing. The German-style beer has a dirty smell about it that mars the wheat, banana and mild clove aromas. There is a sweet, honey-like tone and one of light lemon zest in the background.

Robson Street Hefeweizen
I Never Knew a Wheat Beer Could Be so Tasteless

The taste of Robson Street Hefeweizen is very bland for a the style. There is very little in the way of traditional banana or bubble gum flavours and instead lemon zest, wheat and earth come to the forefront, accented by a subtle hint of cloves. The beer has an extremely thin, watery mouthfeel with a mild carbonation and it remains watery throughout. The finish is dry, with a syrupy and slightly peppery aftertaste.

The packaging of Robson Street Hefeweizen is primarily black and yellow, sporting a collage of images from the beer’s titular Vancouver street. You will find a coded freshness date (Though Granville Island Brewing operates independently, it is owned by Molson Coors Canada) stamped on the bottle. A description of the beer is on the back label and includes a suggestion to add a lemon wedge; which should attest to the beer’s overall quality.

This beer was reviewed relatively well by members of Beer Advocate, Untappd and RateBeer in the past, so I’m not sure if I got a bad 6 pack or if maybe they changed their recipe when they started exporting to Ontario. Regardless, this is one of the most boring and lifeless examples of a wheat-based beer I’ve ever tried and I won’t be giving it another chance.

Should you want to try Robson Street Hefeweizen, you can find it at The Beer Store and LCBO stores. It is also distributed throughout western Canada and the brewery is open daily.

Type: Hefeweizen
Country: Canada
Region: British Columbia, Vancouver
Brewery: Granville Island Brewing
Format Purchased: 6 x341 mL
Price: $12.95
Alcohol Content: 5.0%

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