Ambre de la Chaudiere: A River Runs Through It

Ambre de la Chaudière from Mill Street Brewery’s Ottawa Brewpub pours a hazy, rusty orange colour with amber tinges and a moderate tan coloured head that gets retained as a string-like collar and leaves some spotty lace behind. This Bière de Garde smells of wheat, grains, yeast, banana and bubble gum and it has a subtle hint of alcohol.

Ambre de la Chaudière
This Beer is Worth a Visit to the Brewpub

Ambre de la Chaudière has a deep taste of biscuit-like grains with a toasted, earthy character. Sweet, fruity accents of strawberry and banana and an assertive boozy bite round out the taste. The unfiltered beer is full-bodied with a low carbonation level. Yeast provides a pop on the tongue before a bready character takes over. The finish has a nice dryness and the aftertaste has a honey-like flavour and syrupy quality.

The earth toned, hand-drawn art used for Ambre de la Chaudière depicts a scene of men at the Chaudière Falls that are located beside the brewpub for which the beer gets its name. The bottles and growlers you can take Ambre de la Chaudière home in have an image of the brewpub itself, along with the brewery logo and brewer’s ingredient imagery. On the back, you will find a detailed description of the Ottawa brewpub.

Ambre de la Chaudière is a great, satisfying effort in an underrepresented style and my favourite of the locally-brewed products that Mill Street Brewpub Ottawa offers. It pairs best with spicy foods, sharp cheeses and light fish dishes.

You can only find Ambre de la Chaudière at the Ottawa brewpub, where you can have it on tap or take home snap top bottles and growlers from the retail store.

Type: Bière de Garde
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Ottawa
Brewery: Mill Street Brewery (Ottawa Brewpub)
Format Purchased: 750 mL
Price: $8.95
Alcohol Content: 7.0%

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