Russian Gun imperial Stout: Pull the Trigger

Russian Gun Imperial Stout from Grand River Brewing in Cambridge, Ontario pours an opaque black, with dark ruby visible around the extreme edges of the glass. This strong brew has a creamy and soapy tan coloured head that leaves a ton of lace behind and settles as a thick film. The deep and complex aroma of Russian Gun Imperial Stout has strong notes of roasted malts, espresso and dark chocolate, along with a plum-like fruit tone and a piney bitterness.

Russian Gun Imperial Stout
This strong Beer is Loaded with Character

The taste of Russian Gun Imperial stout is anchored by a bitter roasted coffee-like flavour accented by baker’s chocolate and dark fruit juice. The stout is full-bodied with the long-lasting head providing an extremely smooth and creamy mouthfeel. The finish is bitter, with a chocolate tone that lingers in the aftertaste.

The packaging of Russian Gun Imperial Stout is as simple as it gets. The name of the beer is printed in dark blue on an off white label. There is no ingredients list or other information, but a date of bottling is clearly printed on the front.

Russian Gun Imperial Stout is a deep and complex, yet inviting example of the style that is satisfying enough please existing fans and easygoing enough to make new ones. This seasonal release can be found at many LCBO locations during the winter months and it pairs well with roasted meats, soft cheeses, breads and dark chocolate.

Type: Russian Imperial Stout
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Cambridge
Brewery: Grand River Brewing
Format Purchased: 500 mL
Price: $4.60
Alcohol Content: 8.0%

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