Great Lakes Miami Weiss: One Last Taste of Summer

This hopped-up pale wheat ale from the Great Lakes Brewery in Toronto, Ontario pours a golden pencil yellow colour, somewhat hazy with sediment and a soapy white head that leaves behind a generous lace and small collar. Miami Weiss smells very bright and fresh, with notes of buttered popcorn, honey, toasted wheat, flowers and tangerine.

Great Lakes Miami Weiss
This Beer is Sharper than a Pair of White Loafers

Miami Weiss tastes like malted wheat at first, followed by a tart grapefruit citrus tang, a subtle cherry tone and a slight earthiness in the finish. It feels a bit yeasty on the tongue and it’s a bit thin, but it does have a certain sparkle to it, along with a dry and somewhat bitter aftertaste.

The foil-topped bottle Miami Weiss is housed in is wrapped in a bright robin’s egg blue and neon pink plastic label that borrows a sunset logo quite similar to that of the 1980’s cop show from which the beer’s name was inspired. A lengthy disclaimer about this not being like a traditional German-style weiss is printed on the back.

Miami Weiss reminds me of a hopped-up version of Great Lakes Brewery’s Orange Peel Ale or a lighter take on Crazy Canuck Pale Ale. Regardless, it’s smooth, tasty and a bit creamy. I would make this a go to beer if possible. It paired well with both red sauce and peppery kettle chips, as well as wheat crackers and sharp cheese.

Miami Weiss was first brewed as part of Great Lakes Brewery’s Project X series and was released in select LCBO stores as part of the 2011 Ontario Craft Brewers one-off series. The beer is slated return as a summer seasonal beginning in May 2012.

Type: American Pale Wheat Ale
Country: Canada
Region: Toronto (Etobicoke)
Brewery: Great Lakes Brewery
Format Purchased: 650 mL
Price: $5.95
Alcohol Content: 4.5%

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