Old Empire IPA: Nothing Halfway About It

Dubbed “The Original Export”, Old Empire IPA from Marston’s Beer Company in Burton Upon Trent, UK pours a bright golden-amber colour with a frothy white head that doesn’t last very long, but holds on as a collar and paper thin film.

Because it’s packaged in clear bottles, Old Empire IPA can smell a bit skunky at first when exported; it’s best to let it breathe a few minutes. The beer has a bready malt aroma with hops, brewed tea and lemon accents coming through as it warms.

Old Empire IPA
This English Ale has a Crisp Bite

Old Empire IPA tastes of toasted malts and honey. A butterscotch tone is countered by a strong dryness that has a grassy or floral tone to it. The beer is noticeably carbonated, but creamy and slightly yeasty as well. There is a wood character to the finish that has a slight smokiness.

The label of Old Empire IPA looks like aged paper, using gold ink to create a roped border. A map of Southeast Asia makes up the background and an old world trade ship is illustrated above a royal blue word mark. The environmentally conscious lightweight glass bottles are embossed with the brewery name.

Old Empire IPA is a high quality beer that I could drink at any time of year with just about anything I eat, or on its own. It is exported to every corner of the globe and available at select LCBO stores here in Ontario.

Type: English IPA
Country: UK
Region: Staffordshire, Burton upon Tent
Brewery: Marston’s Beer Company (Marston’s PLC)
Format Purchased: 500 mL
Price: $3.55
Alcohol Content: 5.7%

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