Black Oak Nut Brown Ale: The Straight Nuts

This English brown ale from the Black Oak Brewing Company Limited in Toronto, Ontario pours a deep, rusty brown colour with ruby tones. A moderately-sized light tan-coloured head gets retained as a collar and film while leaving some spotty lacing. Black Oak Nut Brown Ale has a strong nutty aroma that reminds me of hazelnut or acorns, with a ripened, cherry-like fruit tone backing it up. Dark, bready malts and fresh grain notes poke through as the ale warms.

Black Oak Nut Brown Ale
This Beer Fast Became One of My Favourite Brown Ales

Black Oak Nut Brown Ale tastes of thick, slightly sweet dark malts at first with a nicely-balanced crispness as it passes the tongue. Thick, oily nuts and unsweetened dark chocolate come through in the finish. The beer is medium-bodied with a mild, but noticeable carbonation on the tongue. It goes down creamy thanks to the long-lasting collar and has a nice, bitter tartness to the aftertaste.

The packaging of Black Oak Nut Brown Ale is primarily a chestnut brown colour and features the image of a squirrel in an oak tree holding an acorn. The brewery logo is joined by the Ontario Craft Brewers’ seal and an icon that states the beer is made with reverse osmosis water. A full ingredients list and description of the beer can also be found on the label.

For me, Black Oak Nut Brown Ale is an excellent example of its chosen style. It has a robust aroma and is very drinkable, particularly with a meal that involves red meat. You can find Black Oak Nut Brown Ale at select LCBO and The Beer Store locations and it can often be found fresh on tap and dozens of Toronto area bars and pubs.

Type: English Brown Ale
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Toronto
Brewery: Black Oak Brewing Company Limited
Format Purchased: 6 x 341 mL
Price: $12.25
Alcohol Content: 5.0%

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