Neustadt 10W30: High Grade

This dark English-style ale from the Neustadt Springs Brewery in Neustadt, Ontario looks somewhat like the grade of motor oil it gets its name from; a deep ruby and cherry wood brown colour. Neustadt 10W30 pours with a creamy tan head that laces and settles as a collared film. Neustadt 10W30 smells a lot like chocolate syrup with a thick malt backing, a dark fruit tone and a fatty, nutty accent.

This Rich-Tasting Beer Gets My Engine Going

Neustadt 10W30 tastes like chocolate at first, with a deep dark fruit tone that and hoppy spiciness that burst though as the beer warms up. It has a slightly thin mouthfeel at first, but leaves a prickly carbonated feeling as it passes the tongue and finishes with a dry and slightly smoky aftertaste.

The can Neustadt 10W30 comes in evokes a mid 20th century oil can and uses bright orange and purple to make its name pop off the can. The background is an image of the grill of a 1930-40s hot rod. It has a clearly-labelled freshness date and images of awards the beer has won printed, along with a brief description of the beer and contact information.

Neustadt 10W30 is one of the best Ontario-brewed English Ales I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing and a beer that definitely gets better as it warms in your glass. It often has a metallic smell and plastic aftertaste when first opened which is likely a result of the spring water with which this beer is brewed.

Neustadt 10W30 is available at many LCBO locations and you can visit the Neustadt Springs Brewery as you pass through south-western Ontario seven days a week.

Type: English Brown Ale
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Neustadt
Brewery: Neustadt Springs Brewery
Format Purchased: 473 mL
Price: $2.70
Alcohol Content: 5.5%

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