Crazy Canuck Pale Ale: Uncanny Great Taste

Crazy Canuck Pale Ale from the Great Lakes Brewery in Toronto, Ontario pours a deep Golden-amber colour with a moderate tan head that leaves a fair amount of lace. A collar and film last throughout the glass. After breathing for a bit, this American-style pale ale has a grapefruit-like citrus aroma with spicy and buttery tones and a cherry-like bitter fruit note.

Crazy Canuck Pale Ale
All this Label Needs is an Image of Poutine

Crazy Canuck Pale Ale sort of tastes like overripe fruit, but in a good way. Like the aroma a tart citrus taste, along with a sweet, buttery malt are present. The mouthfeel is thin, yet creamy and carries a medium carbonation feel. The finish is tart, but not puckering.

The packaging of Crazy Canuck Pale Ale is, well pretty Canadian. A silver can has images of a loon, maple leaves and the logo is capped by a toque. A description of the beer and brewery is printed, along with a declaration that it won a gold medal for the pale ale category, but fails to mention at which awards.

Canned pale ales always start out with a funny can-like smell and Crazy Canuck Pale Ale is no exception. Once you get past that however, you will find one of the better Ontario-brewed takes on the style that would be a decent session ale and goes well with all kinds of fare, specifically grilled and spicy.

Great Lakes Brewery welcomes visitors to its Etobicoke facilities seven days a week, its beers are available on-tap at a number of locations in the GTA and you can find the canned version of Crazy Canuck Pale Ale at many LCBO locations.

Type: American IPA
Country: Canada
Region: Toronto (Etobicoke)
Brewery: Great Lakes Brewery
Format Purchased: 473 mL
Price: $2.50
Alcohol Content: 5.2%

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