Curmudgeon IPA: Will Not Make You Grumpy

Curmudgeon IPA from the Grand River Brewing Company in Cambridge, Ontario pours a copper, amber and ruby colour with a moderate white head that leaves light lacing and a collar that seems to last forever. This strong pale ale has a fresh aroma of grassy hops and roasted malt, with a creamed honey tone appearing as the beer warms.

This Strong IPA is Loaded with Flavour

Curmudgeon IPA tastes like toasted malts, with a strong hoppy bitterness that carries a solid lemony or grapefruit-like citrus tone. The mouthfeel is creamy and bready on the tongue with a very crisp finish that brings the citrus tone back in the aftertaste.

The packaging of Curmudgeon IPA is simple, using red lettering on a tan-coloured background. There is little information on the label aside from a date of bottling. While I like the style Grand River Brewing Company uses, I’d prefer to see them print some of the history behind their uniquely-named beers.

This is a very good, well-balanced and flavourful beer that I’ll buy regularly if it’s available, especially if it’s fresh. Curmudgeon IPA pairs well with grilled meats, fried foods, spicy foods and earthy cheeses. This Spring seasonal beer can be found in limited supply at select LCBO outlets, the brewery’s retail store and fine licensees across Ontario.

Type: English India Pale Ale (IPA)
Country: Canada
Region: Ontario, Cambridge
Brewery: Grand River Brewing
Format Purchased: 500 mL
Price: $3.60
Alcohol Content: 6.5%

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